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Bastian Widmer

Bastian Widmer

12:00 - 13:00
Talk Topic
Fast websites for all of us - How to speed up websites beyond your country limits

Us web geeks strive for one thing when it comes to performance: fast and reliable websites all the time, everywhere. No matter if you are connected via mobile networks or your super fast 1 GB/s fiber connection, when it comes to performance, it's easy to measure and optimize for one country. But what if your user base is global? How do you ensure speed across the globe?

For starters, global means more than just Europe and the States.  Hosting sites in and for South Africa brings along quite a few challenges.

Sure you can get along fine using well known CDN solutions that work across the Americas and Europe, but if you need to enter global markets like China, India or Africa your requirements get infinitely more complicated.

In this session I’ll cover:

  • Principles of Fast websites
  • Ways to measure and optimize your website
  • International vendors and what your options are
  • How other countries work in terms of peering and pricing policy
  • The different CDN approaches which play nice with Drupal

Attend this session if:

  • You want to get your sites up to speed in different countries
  • You already know how to use CDNs but still think “there must be more”

Bastian works as an Engineer at the Startup amazee.io, where we strive to make hosting the open source content management system, Drupal, as easy as possible.

The nature of his internet-centric position makes him very aware that we need to safeguard the openness and neutrality of the internet on a global scale. This is also why he engages in several groups in Switzerland to work on issues related to net neutrality, security, and surveillance.

Outside of his job, Bastian dedicates much of his time to organizing various conferences and gatherings such as TEDxBern, FrontendConf Zurich, DrupalCon. Bastian is passionate about Architecture, Circular Economy, the future of work, digital revolution and the impact on society itself.

When he is not doing work or projects that are closely related to computers, he is very passionate about nature such as hiking and piloting his paraglider through the Swiss alps. Apart from that, he likes to travel around the world to meet like minded people learning how their communities are different to others and how we can learn and adapt from each other.