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Dane Rossenrode

Dane Rossenrode

10:00 - 11:00
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Taking our Drupal Development a Step Further

When building sites and online platforms with Drupal, we all too often rely on just what we know; the tools we've become comfortable with, the techniques we know that work. But sometimes (often really) we need to push past those. I'm going to discuss some development tools, tips, and techniques to improve our work, touching on topics like documenting our code, debugging, and automating things we do regularly.


Having graduated with a Business Science degree just 4 years ago, I’ve been focused on my business - Touchdreams - since. It’s been my source of income, excitement, frustration, and pleasure. I enjoy learning and teaching, so I read a lot; fiction novels, non-fiction novels, internet articles, and even comments on those articles (when I’m feeling brave). I also play a few sports socially.