About the speakers

James Anderton

James Anderton

14:00 - 15:00
Talk Topic
Drupal Certification

James recently qualified as a Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder and will be taking a closer look exam. What does it cover? Who is the exam for? Why you should take it, areas that you may want to prepare for and the differences between this exam and the Acquia Drupal Certified Developer exam.

James will be presenting this talk with Rehan Otto.


Front-end Developer, video-game enthusiast and professional mouse-clicker, James started his journey in web development as a Drupal site builder almost 10 years ago. Particularly interested in Drupal’s power to grow community based sites, he helped develop the local gaming event platform Organised Chaos  before moving on to work for well-known Cape Town Drupal shops - currently, the award-winning digital agency Rogerwilco.