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Luqmaan Essa

Luqmaan Essa

15:00 - 16:00
Talk Topic
Delivering provincial government websites quickly with Drupal

Western Cape Government (WCG) selected Drupal as its standard web content management system several years ago  but that was just the start of the journey towards providing an effective CMS for internal clients. Luqmaan Essa and Johan Du Bois from e-Government for Citizens, will tell us about some of the challenges they've faced, the approached they’ve adopted, how implementation is going.


Luqmaan Essa leads the UX team at e-Government for Citizens (e-G4C), which is a directorate of Western Cape Government. The directorate maintains and manages the WCG’s online channels, Contact Centre which includes the Call Centre and Walk-in and the Cape Access programme. He has been involved with the creation, administration and adoption of the WCG online brand guidelines and UX policy and guidelines. He also leads UX activities such as User research, creation of Wireframes and designs and Usability testing.